A new generation of practice management software – Developed by Audiologists for Audiologists

Prism Connect represents the next generation of database management functionality. It offers a combination of robust features and logical simplicity not seen in the hearing health industry. What makes Prism Connect unique in the market are the back-end services it enables, including complete VDP mail and marketing capabilities and data analytics. Put this in the hands of our team of specialists who know how to use the data generated and you’ve got the recipe for business results.

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Solutions for every part of your office

Connect to Scheduling

Simplify and streamline your scheduling process by using the Prism Connect scheduling module. Intuitive and easy to learn, it will enable greater efficiency and provide a better overall experience for your patients.

• Adds simplicity and flexibility to appointment making
• Retrieve current patient information quickly
• Add new patients easily
• Block timeslots for vacations and time off
• Create long or short appointments in 15 minute increments
• Track patient appointments for market analysis
• Pre-schedule future patient contact
• Patient recall reminders
• Clinic room scheduling optimization

Connect to Clinical Data

Data is more than names and addresses–it’s the core of your practice.  With our Clinical Data module, you’ll be able to keep all your patient data in one place and in one format whether you have one clinic or one hundred.  Best of all, since Prism Connect leverages cloud technology, you can access it anytime from anywhere!

• Keeps clinician and patient data right at your fingertips
• Input audiogram data quickly and easily
• View pertinent audiometric data in standard reports
• Physician reports
• Case history information conveniently displayed
• Quality metrics – survey data entry and reports
• Appointment outcomes
• Future contact reminder and scheduling capabilities

Connect to Human Resources

Effective performance management and development is critical to a healthy practice.  Often times, this can be a cumbersome process to manage and is neglected with bad results.  The Human Resources module of Prism Connect gives you the easy-to-use tools you need to fine-tune your talent.

• Tracks performance reports by clinician
• Tracks performance reports by clinic
• Schedules and tracks employee reviews
• Reminds managers of upcoming reviews
• Commission calculation
• Employee bonus calculation
• Generates scorecard of key measures by clinician

Connect to Multiple Clinics

In the past, database and practice management software was limited to the physical location of a host clinic.  Not anymore.  Prism Connect leverage cutting edge cloud technology to provide a Software-as-as-Service (SaaS) system that offers the best in functionality and flexibility.  This includes 24/7 access anytime, anywhere.

• View multiple clinic schedules
• Schedule appointments practice-wide
• Real-time data availability by clinic
• Practice-wide paperless patient data availability
• Internal task communication practice-wide
• Practice forms standardized
• Centralized practice management
• Automatic electronic purchase order notification to management

Connect to Marketing

Unlock the power of your patient data by connecting it to our marketing system.  Our system allows you to track response and success rates and offer you a robust collection of direct marketing tools.  From fully customized newsletter to email campaigns to fully automate lead nurturing systems, our integrated approach will help you grow.

• Tracking by office
• Tracking by activity
• Generate letters for various marketing activities
• Generate and track marketing campaigns
• Powerful data mining
• Future event scheduling
• Customized mailings by patient demographics
• Marketing activity return-on-investment determination
• Automatically sends marketing leads to patient database when scheduled

Connect to Patients

Your practice is about your patients.  Prism Connect gives you the ultimate tool to provide them the service they’ve come to expect and more.  Data input is a snap and accessing key information has never been easier.

• Easy patient information input
• Convenient patient-note display
• Insurance billing
• Event recall reminders
• Convenient hearing instrument information display
• Repair/warranty/sales information display
• New and repair order filing

Connect to Financial Reports

Your financial statements are a critical instrument in keeping your business thriving.  Whether you have an eye on growth and expansion or simply want to become more efficient, our Financial Report module will allow you to assemble rich reports quickly and easily.

• Connects to QuickBooks
• Accounts receivables reporting
• Accounts payables reporting
• Real-time financial reporting practice-wide
• Multi-level user access
• Easy batching of bank deposits with QuickBooks
• Financial statements
• Vendor account management
• Generates key financial measures

Connect to Billing

Are you recovering every dollar you have coming?  You’re not alone if your answer is “no.”  Billing and invoicing used to require a high level of diligence and discipline.  With Prism Connect, you now have a tool that simplifies the process and automates key tasks.

• Easy entry patient invoicing
• Automatic invoicing by clinic, clinician and services
• Quick view of all patient’s invoices
• Complete view of payment history
• Convenient electronic billing of insurance claims
• Automatic batching of insurance claims to clearing house
• Bills both primary and secondary insurance
• Cash with order discounts feature
• Configurable automated patient discount programs
• Insurance payments module (enter one payment for multiple patient invoices)
• Track preferred patient programs for utilization
• Automatic sales tax calculation
• Partial payment tracking
• Simple patient statement format
• Tracks both insurance and patient payments
• HCFA module for automatic insurance filing

Data Driven Services

Most software allows you collect massive amounts of data but what do you do with it? Most practices struggle to use their data in a productive way to improve or build their business. Our patient database services will help you implement a data driven clinic with a communication strategy that works, from planning to implementation to ongoing management.

Target your message

It’s the information age and there’s gold in your data.  If a current patient came into your office, you would review and customize your conversation based on the data in that file.  Your mail program should be no different.  We can easily help you automate a customized communication strategy based on factors like the type of hearing loss, age of the hearing aid, birthday, and purchase anniversary or warranty expiration.  By delivering good data you can personalize your offerings based on your patients’ preferences and habits, this help you build stronger patient relationships and opens new sources of revenue.