EMR Solution that syncs the ENT to Audiology

Solution that includes PMS & EMR:ENTimage

Prism ENT provides the electronic link between an ENT’s EMR package and Prism Connect. This gives the Audiology clinic a best-in-class patient management system with the tools needed to run an efficient Audiology clinic while seamlessly integrating to the schedule and patient files of the ENT’s patient management platform.

Solutions for Audiology:

How do you run an efficient Audiology clinic within an ENT office? Most ENT’s struggle to answer that question because Audiologist’s contributions are difficult to measure as the EMR systems are not designed for Audiology and the records are often not integrated. Prism ENT solves that problem by linking the two platforms.

Solutions to streamline workflow:  

One of the difficulties faced when Audiology is inside an ENT office is the lack of a seamless flow of patient scheduling and information.  This results in wasted effort, as the staff often needs to do double entry of scheduling, patient records and invoicing.

Solutions for Marketing:

Profitable Audiology clinics regularly communicate and market to their patient database to build loyalty.  These efforts (newsletters, birthday, holiday, annual visit cards) typically lead to significant sales increases. With the high traffic seen in an ENT the potential for increased sales is significant.  Prism ENT has the tools & support automate this process for you.

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