Solutions to expand markets and increase margins

Solutions for purchasing products:

We have partnered with the major hearing aid manufacturers and provide their products to help grow their customers through our buying group. Whether you would like to consolidate your billing or take advantage
 of attractive pricing, we can help. You can leverage 
the purchasing power of our network of independent hearing clinics.

Solutions to expand markets:

We also offer Personal Sound Amplification Products (PSAP’s) Crescent 2.0 PSAP spec and Teeny CIC spec for people who
 don’t have hearing loss but are looking for hearing help in certain listening situations. We carry the Blue-Gear Crescent – a comfortable and affordable hearing solution
for when you need a boost in volume. The Crescent is not a hearing aid, but uses the same circuitry for a high fidelity experience.

Solutions for all budgets:

We provide an Affordable Hearing Aid Product
 Portfolio in addition to the major label devices we resell. A line of 
standard products is available that includes a RIC, BTE, and mini-BTE designed and developed
 by a major U.S. medical device manufacturer. If you are looking to help more
 people hear and increase revenue we can show you how.


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